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Troubleshooting for All Xiaomi/Redmi/Mi/POCO Devices

Twinkle Pithwa
By Twinkle Pithwa Updated over 7 months ago

Process 1: Settings For AutoStart for Callyzer
Step 1: Open Phone Settings

Step 2: Click on Apps Option.

Step 3: Click on Permissions option.

Step 4: Click on AutoStart Option.

Step 5: Search For Callyzer biz App and TURN ON the Toggle Button.
Make Sure it Must be Blue.

Process 2: How to disable battery optimization for Callyzer
Step 1: Open Phone Settings


Step 2: Click On Battery & Performance.


Step 3: Click on App Battery Saver.


Step 4: Search for Callyzer biz App in List and Click on it.


Step 5: Select No Restriction Option.


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